As a kid, one of Jamie’s first jobs was cleaning the buildings in the family development project in Fairhaven, just south of Bellingham. As a teenager, needing a ride to go ski Mount Baker, he organized and sold seats for a charter bus with all his friends. As an adult, he started an insurance and investment brokerage, in part, to help people who would might otherwise be overlooked.

Jamie comes alive at the intersection of his deep love for friendship and his talent for making things happen. How we spend our money reveals our values, and Jamie consistently helps people make those connections in a way helps them reach their potential. He knows how to use a spreadsheet to help people pay attention to who they are becoming on the way to where they are going.

He and his wife, Lisa, are incredible hosts at their dining room table as well as on their boat (particularly when their two adult children are in town). His love of community is on display with the multiple non-profit boards he serves. He’s deeply loyal to his friends, and he’s always ready to travel with them or to go see them.