Matt grew up in a large, close-knit family in Texas. He was raised with the sort of values one would expect from a Texan: honesty, hard work, and a deep love of community. This particular family also has a passion for stewardship, so he grew up knowing that the land would outlive any one person’s ownership. The epiphany for Cultivate Development came during a heated family business meeting where getting the right guidance for land stewardship seemed elusive. “If our family can’t find the right team to help us, maybe I can create that team AND help others in a similar situation.”

In 2019, Matt resigned as President of his family’s multi-state, multi-million dollar real estate company (after 19 years of service in that role) so he could devote more time to the creative energy of Cultivate Development. He loves collaborating with creative people to achieve a project’s potential, whether it’s teaching stewardship in the oil and gas industry, creating unique legal agreements for a particular project, or locating investment partners in the unlikeliest of people. He loves putting together the right team for the right project and seeing everyone succeed.

Matt gets to be the husband to Denise and somehow their three little kids are already in high school and college. He’s also the Pastor at Spring Church, a new worshiping community whose mission is “Uncommon Friendship and Common Discipleship.” He’s a whiz in the kitchen, a nerd in the library, a fiend on the mountain, and a source of envy at nap time. When his teenagers leave for school every morning, he and Denise send them with “remember who you are and whose you are.”