Ali has always been deeply committed to community, having been born and raised in Bellingham. After departing for an education, Ali returned to his roots, and followed in his father’s footsteps working for some of the biggest developers in the region; his early work experiences helped him develop his intense work ethic and attention to detail. For the last few decades, he has helped developers, homeowners and non-profits accomplish their land use goals while simultaneously seeing the big picture of how to make our community a better place for everyone.

Ali knows how to get the job done. The biggest and the most complex projects have leveraged his consulting expertise to navigate the tumultuous waters of taking raw land through all the requirements necessary to realize a finished development project. A craftsman in the truest sense of the word, Ali knows how to bridge the gaps between byzantine regulations, concerned neighbors, and developer expectations, to achieve common ground and successful projects.

He met his wife, Shannon, a few decades ago when she worked at the permit counter at the City of Bellingham. Their love for travel has exposed him to the cultural diversity across our globe and has influenced his approach to community building. He shares his passion for baking and skiing with his daughter and has maintained his friendships with his high school buddies, who still enjoy back-country adventures together.