Rob’s formative years were spent in the woods of Cascadia, where he was taught how to combine a passion for the land with a curiosity for cultivation. Few things frustrate Rob quite like the frustration he feels when people walk away from a great opportunity due to a lack of imagination. Starting small, working hard, and astute risk evaluation have been some of the keys to Rob’s success.

Rob’s vocation is discovering the potential in real estate. Where others only see obstacles, he sees opportunity. He’s sold thousands of homes, he’s assembled hundreds of joint ventures, and he’s led multiple development teams. His fingerprints are on countless real estate projects in Whatcom County.

Rob loves playing outdoors with friends, whether it’s skiing on the water on Lake Whatcom or skiing in the snow on Mount Baker. Evidence of his high energy and curiosity can be found with among the not-yet-completed projects in his garage. He loves overseas mission work, particularly with the children he gets to raise with his wife, Willow.