The patriarch of the family passed away in 2019. One of the multiple siblings is named executor of the estate, and “what do we do with an 18 acre track of raw land in the middle of Ferndale?” posed a significant issue. Settling an estate is a stressful time for every family, and this property was the One Big Issue that impacted so many other estate settling issues. Finding a great solution was important, and time was of the essence.

The Cultivate Land Bank helped ease the rising tensions. Nobody can beat the short feasibility period that we can offer, because nobody can match the experience of our team. In just a few months we had all the environmental and legal issues sorted out. We also figured out how to add this property to our portfolio in a way that would withstand the stress of an uncertain market, which proved helpful when a pandemic shut down the world six months later.

By delivering on a cash offer and a lighting-fast feasibility period, we helped this family find a light at the end of the estate settling tunnel, all while helping the city navigate their housing crisis.